Mutual of Enumclaw

What is a Mutual Insurance Company? And, why should you choose one?

You’ve probably seen many insurance companies that have “mutual” as part of their name. It’s not just a clever marketing word. There are specific rules all mutual insurance companies follow which separate them from other insurance companies. Choosing a mutual as your insurer offers many advantages:

In a mutual insurance company, members are owners.

If you’re a policyholder at a mutual, you’re a “member” and will remain one as long as you maintain your policies. Mutual insurance companies are privately held, which means members have a voice within the company. Publicly held insurers are owned by stockholders who have significant influence over the company’s direction. We believe the shared interest all members have in a mutual’s success means a more stable company that’s focused on long-term sustainability.

Thoughtful Coverage that puts members first. Always.

Since 1898, Mutual of Enumclaw has been a steadily growing company. The reason we’ve successfully remained in business is simple: During good times and bad, we place the needs of our members ahead of everything else. It’s why we offer diligent, carefully prepared policies and responsive, compassionate claims service. That’s what Thoughtful Coverage means.

How we help members get through even the toughest times.

As a member, when you pay your monthly premiums, you transfer your personal risk to us, and we cover you against the risks in your life. Pooling our members’ premiums gives us the money to pay for claims and pay our employees. Any money left over becomes surplus, and put into a reserve fund that helps get us through extraordinary circumstances like a very bad wildfire season or an unusually harsh winter.

Member's Best: Home and Auto combined

At Mutual of Enumclaw, we believe that insurance shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why we created Member’s Best, a new product that combines home and auto coverage together.  Besides the simplicity of one bill and one premium, Member’s Best also gives you a collection of new and exclusive benefits.

Home is where the heart is. We understand how important it is to protect your home and your valuables. With a Member’s Best policy, whether it’s water damage, structural damage, or personal liability damage, we safeguard your home. Homeowners will enjoy what Mutual of Enumclaw is known for – the kind of coverage that really covers – protecting both your home and what’s inside, plus additional benefits that come with Member's Best. 

Drive confidently. Whether you’re using your vehicle for everyday travel or for adventure, mobility is important. Our coverage for cars, campers, trailers, motor homes, and motorcycles, ranges from Liability to Personal Injury Protection/Medical Payments, to Collision and Comprehensive, to Uninsured and Under insured Motorist protection. 

Accidents happen. An Excess Liability Policy can help protect you and your family from financially devastating events. If you are responsible for a person’s injury or for someone’s property damage, your primary policy limits may not be enough. Ask your agent about adding an Excess Liability policy to your Member's Best package. 

Benefits, above and beyond.

  • One Bill and One Deductible
  • Towing and Roadside Services
  • Identity Management Resources
  • Pet Injury Coverage
  • Child Safety Seat Replacement
  • Electronic Key and Lock Replacement
  • Fair and Prompt Claims Service

Home & Auto: Additional Services

Family Cyber Protection Coverage Family Cyber Protection is comprehensive insurance coverage that protects individuals and families from a range of personal cyber risks which are often unforeseen, costly, and not covered under most homeowners insurance policies. Family Cyber Protection offers coverage for cyber attacks, cyber extortion, online fraud, data breach, and cyber bullying. Learn more.

Equipment Breakdown

Equipment Breakdown coverage protects you if you need to repair or replace equipment in your home unexpectedly, because of an electrical, mechanical, or pressure systems breakdown. Emergency repair calls or last-minute trips to the appliance store can be costly, so check with your agent to see if this optional coverage is right for you. 

Service Line Coverage As a homeowner, you are responsible for the underground service lines that extend from the street to your home, yet most Homeowners policies don’t cover them. Our optional Service Line coverage adds another level of security. Helping protect you from things you might not expect is exactly what thoughtful insurance is all about.

Personal Identity Management Services Protecting your personal identity is more important than ever due to recent events. If you're the victim of identity theft, we offer complimentary identity management services to members with Homeowners coverage. Learn more.  

Wildfire Monitoring & Protection Members with property coverage are automatically enrolled in our Mutual of Enumclaw Wildfire Program. Wildfire Defense Systems (WDS) provides monitoring, prevention services, and fire crews dedicated to protecting property. Learn more

teenSMART® This driver safety program combines interactive lessons and real-world activities. Upon successful completion of the teenSMART program, listed household drivers up to the age of 21 will receive a significant discount on their auto policy. Learn more

Mutual of Enumclaw Perks As a valued member, you can save with daily deals at nearby restaurants and retailers, enjoy thousands of discounts across the United States, and get up to 40% off at over 300 popular theme parks and attractions.

Additional Home Coverage Options We offer coverage that protects condos, townhouses, vacation homes, second homes, and rental properties. Depending on the type of residence, we have insurance products that can cover physical structure, personal liability, water damage caused by sewers or drains, personal belongings, and more.